What are Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals are beautifully complex and natural resources that come in many different shapes and colors. They can be found all over the world, but they have a powerful effect on your energy field.

These protective stones offer you strength through their ability to calm or energize your mind, body, and soul. By holding onto these crystals during meditations or simply by being near them on your desk or at home, you don’t need to look any further for ways to cool down when life gets heated as they will encourage positivity throughout your whole being so you can stay centered no matter what difficult situation arises.


Citrine Crystal

Natural Citrine is a rare type of gemstone known for natural, energizing color and the inviting warmth it provides. It differs from other quartz because of its purple hues. Unlike amethyst, which can be mass-produced, citrine is one-of-a-kind with an individual personality as unique as you are.

The magical properties in products such as natural citrines are believed to provide protection from negativity and bring good fortune not only to the wearer but also those around them. Whether they say so themselves or not – people love being showered with well wishes!


Citrine crystals are beautiful, yellow stone that will adorn your home with a powerful amount of light. These crystals come in variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose one to suit the specific need or purpose that it is going to be used for. Citrine emits energy that increases creativity and potentials while also aiding in decision-making skills.

Fuchsite is a super helpful stone when one needs help reigning in emotions such as worry, sadness, anger and disillusionment. This stone has strong healing qualities coupled with an airy tone which creates an open space for deep restoration on all levels making this the perfect choice if you’re seeking mental clarity and spiritual rebirth through meditation.


Agate is stone that provide both grounding and healing. These crystals come in all sorts of colors so there’s really something for everyone! From blue to green, red, purple, black or pink everything has its own meaning. The varieties also range from abstract patterns to a more uniform fabrications from quartz rock. Find your perfect agate today with us here at Hempie’s Crystal Shop in Raleigh NC.

They say you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. Well I’m here to tell you — if you’re looking for good company than look no further than an agate crystal! With the purest form of Quartz and fullness of life combined these sparklers will not only give you joy but have many metaphysical


Amethyst is a violet stone with the power to stimulate the mind and emotions. It has been sought out for its beauty and protective properties throughout history. Amethyst crystals are semiprecious gemstones that can be used in jewelry or as healing stones. Healers believe amethyst’s appearance stimulates intellectual pursuits and strengthens conscience, emotional equilibrium, empathy, morality, intuition, creativity and compassion.


Clear quartz point is an essential component of any seeker’s collection. When used in these and other spiritual practices, it can amplify the effects of your ritual so that you are more likely to achieve desired results. Clear quartz points blend well with virtually all stones – from a group of smaller crystals on your altar or healing space to a larger faceted gem as decoration for your sacred space.

A single crystal has many functions — use it as part of cleansing rituals, devotional practice, at home meditation toolkit or even just sitting by itself vertically on the desk for inspired thinking whenever needed. It’s wise take note if when you feeling stagnant in life or professional endeavors those who have made this standard accessory have often found great success again with this quartz crystal in their life.


Labradorite is a powerful yet delicate crystal. With gentle polishing, this stone can be used to connect with the divine energies of the celestial kingdom and promote spiritual growth. This crystal healing meaning brings self-awareness, rejuvenation, and enlightenment into your life so you can achieve greater heights within yourself.

As one of the most feminine stones, Labradorite also encourages fertility and creativity in women which is why it’s been popular during rituals for centuries (alongside Amethyst).

Get your own Labradorite crystals today to begin exploring your full potential! Get Labradorite in Raleigh NC at our Hempie’s showroom.


Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer,” sustaining and supporting through times of stress. It brings tranquility to any situation, providing protection against negative energy while absorbing it like a sponge. Jasper balances yin and yang, clears electro-magnetic pollution (including radiation), and heals environmentally after natural disasters, wars or toxins within buildings.

Jasper is an exquisite form of quartz that has been around for millions of years lending us its guidance throughout history. As we continue our journeys forward into the future this crystal will be with us still guiding all who have yet to discover its powerful energies!


Selenite crystals are a powerful healing tool. They are said to promote peace, clarity, and well-being – as well as removing negative energy from the environment around them. Connect with some of the higher realms by using these potent crystals that aid in meditation, prayer work, counseling sessions, or any other mystical practice you might pursue!

Healing Skulls

Healing skull crystals are designed for calming and grounding. They have been used to promote relaxation, relieve pain, reduce stress, and even provide protection against illness such as the flu! The third eye chakra is in charge of regeneration so it’s important to purchase one of our healing skulls today!

Therapeutic skulls thousands of years old have shown promising results in mental and spiritual healing, wellness, and general well-being. We have a selection of different sizes and styles. Come visit our Raleigh NC showroom and view our healing crystal skulls!

Salt Lamps

How is your day going? Not feeling too energized? You need a salt lamp. No, not to lick and eat, silly! Himalayan salt lamps are crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt, hollowed out to fit a lightbulb inside of them. When you light them up with the included 40-watt or 60-watt bulb, they give off an intense glow – warm reds create an inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

Get your salt lamp today at Hempie’s Raleigh NC!

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Healing stones are the perfect accessory for everyday living. Ranging from Quartz, to Agate, Amethyst, and more; these soothing crystals will add a touch of style and whimsy to any décor while providing a sense of peace and tranquility. While the benefits have been touted throughout history as both therapeutic and spiritual in nature they’ve recently surfaced on scientific research that proves healers help physiologically: lowering stress levels and decreasing cortisol levels which leads to happier moods (and scientists don’t go around writing articles about things unless it’s true)!

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